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Discover what you can enjoy in English

EFRE© Treatment
A complete treatment performed through various techniques, to pleasure your body and activate your self-healing - Physical Balance and Emotional Release
Angelic Cards Consultation
Ask your questions to the Angelic Counsels - get valuable information about your spiritual growth
Non-verbal hypnosis
Slip into your depth and let your unconscious to guide you to your soul

The basics of my work

You are Energy

You are not your body – you have a body.
That means you are more
You are a Soul, travelling across Universe.
You are made of energy, and you constantly move energy inside and all around you through your thoughts.

You can self-heal

Your body has the faculty to self-repair from large tissues to the smallest cell.
All your healing programs are stored inside the DNA.
DNA is a super conductor, sensitive to electromagnetic fields; programs are enabled or disabled depending on the istructions provided by your thoughts.

You have the power

All the answers reside inside you.
You have the power to improve your life. You have the power to heal yourself. You have the power to be happy. You deserve it.
Everything that stands in the way of your awakening is what you have been holding inside of you.
Just release it… and breathe!

How to book your treatment

To your guest house

You can enjoy your treatment directly in your guest house, if it has a suitable space.
Otherwise make sure that you are allowed to have it in your room.

To my studio

You can easily get your treatment at my studio. There is a car parking for customers.
You can even get a shower here, before any body treatment.

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